After reading the book Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease I asked my friend should I read the big book? It is 526 pages. Its title is written in the title. She lent me her copy. I read three pages, put it down and went on-line to and bought two copies. Have now bought 12 copies. 3.20.2020. I have read it all. Next to the Christian Bible it is much more in depth about the relationship between Godliness and emotional and physical disease. Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease is like a Readers Digest version only 206 pages. A More Excellent Way has more Biblical references. It has 120 pages of testimonies of healings. When you read your copy start in the gray colored pages in the back. They are the testimonies. Next Page 303 and see the Spiritual blocks to healing. Finally start at the beginning. I ordered and just received 5 more copies of each book.