Hell or the gift of Jesus. Choose one.

This 3 page document is the second one completed as the result of God tell me to do this Saturday morning. See the post on Monday the 13th. Get this document in the DOWNLOAD folder.

A way or two of approaching total strangers

It is important to be non-confrontational when sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. I have experienced positive results with this method. In DOWNLOAD folder the title is: Jesus The Christ is my best friend street ministry. 1.14.2020  8.43 P.M.

God downloaded 12 items to me on 1.10.2010 from 2 to 3:15 A.M.

The first one that He asked me to do is finished and is in the DOWNLOAD folder. It is called ” I am who God says I am.” This is imperative for all people. If you don’t know Jesus as your best friend or you have issues like depression this document is key to your freedom and a starting point to being loved in Heaven. All 75 plus items in the folder are free downloads by left clicking on them. Adapt them for your ministry.

Go into all the world – The Great Commission

A document is now  in the DOWNLOAD folder with this title. It includes Matthew 28:18 – 20, Mark 16:15 – 20, Luke 24:46 – 47, and Acts 1:8.  We are to share the Good News with everybody.  The first words that I am saying to total stranger are: “Have you heard the good news.” Some respond, “What is the good news.” I say: God loves us.” Various responses follow. A few people get into interesting discussions. Some end up in prayer for a person’s needs.  A requirement is to use words that show love and respect. We are sharing the Love of Jesus.  Updated 12.23.2019    


Christian: Life coaching, mentoring, and fellowship

Modified the back of my business card. It now says: Christian – Jesus The Christ: Life coaching    Mentoring     Fellowship       The front still says – http://www.privilegesoftheking.com

There is no doubt that The Bible is the most important word/book from God. The drop down menu at the top of my home page has good supplemental information to encourage all. The document – Miracle testimonies 2015 – 2019 is renamed.

Kevin, Bill, and I will be going out on our bicycles on Monday or Tuesday evenings to share the Good News. Now 10.1.2019 that the sun sets early we will not continue this practice till next spring.

Christian Bible Numbers 6:22-27 Aaron’s blessing in Hebrew

God told Moses to tell Aaron to bless the people every day. Aaron spoke the blessing in Hebrew. We read it in our language which has much less understanding than the Hebrew. The website http://www.WarrenMarcus.com/prayer has detailed meaning of the original Hebrew words and the prayer is also spoken in the original Hebrew. See the DOWNLOAD folder for a handout that can be shared with everybody. It is saved as: God’s Blessing Handout Aaronic Blessing paraphrase