David’s third book

My third book is one page long. It is simple and blunt. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit made us the priority of their lives. Joshua 1:8 says the same of us. We are to make The Bible the priority of our lives. Day and Night. Knowing what God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit did and is doing for us makes life fantastic. Worldly pleasures have little value.

Root causes and blocks 4.6.2020

This document is updated now. Additions. There are seven pages of root causes and blocks which lead to physical and emotion problems in our bodies. This is an extensive list. If all of these were eliminated from us the chances are we would be totally healed and totally healthy. If you are new to this website everything is free. Just go up to the top of this page to the DOWNLOAD folder and click on any document. The items will be in your DOWNLOAD folder in seconds. Free is very good. Use any as you see fit. Adapt, edit, use parts of as you need. If you use it on a large scale, saying that you got it from “Dave” would be respectful.  Enjoy.  All of these notes were from the book:  A More Excellent Way by Dr. Henry W. Wright, pastor who started the ministry called http://www.Beinhealth.com which is in Thomaston, Georgia, USA. The ministry is the world leader in healing of spiritually caused diseases and syndromes. I give Beinhealth all the credit.

A More Excellent Way

After reading the book Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease I asked my friend should I read the big book? It is 526 pages. Its title is written in the title. She lent me her copy. I read three pages, put it down and went on-line to http://www.christianbook.com and bought two copies. Have now bought 12 copies. 3.20.2020. I have read it all. Next to the Christian Bible it is much more in depth about the relationship between Godliness and emotional and physical disease. Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease is like a Readers Digest version only 206 pages. A More Excellent Way has more Biblical references. It has 120 pages of testimonies of healings. When you read your copy start in the gray colored pages in the back. They are the testimonies. Next Page 303 and see the Spiritual blocks to healing. Finally start at the beginning. I ordered and just received 5 more copies of each book.

Speaking in Tongues

Just read the book “the BEAUTY of SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE, Unveiling the Mystery of Speaking in Tongues” by Pastor Jack Hayford.  The book is 349 pages. It reads very easily. The layers of detail and testimonies on Tongues and Prophesy is written on a level that all will comprehend the value of both. This is another layer of knowing how much God loves us.

Exposing The Spiritual Roots of Disease

Author Dr. Henry W. Wright, Pastor also, did  scientific research to find the spiritual roots not symptoms. It is the type of book that “I just could not put down.” Incurable diseases get healed. Really. One of his suggestions is to read/study Psalm 139 to know how God feels about us. When we know and believe we get healed.   Because of this book I have updated my second book which is in the DOWNLOAD folder – called PRIVILEGES OF THE KING. The two tables on pages 11, 12, and 13 are now deleted and the expanded pages are the first two items in the DOWNLOAD FOLDER. Much more of the blessings and cursings that affect our emotional and physical health are in these two items. I will eventually put them back in the second book, 3.25.2020.

God downloaded 12 items to me on 1.10.2010 from 2 to 3:15 A.M.

The first one that He asked me to do is finished and is in the DOWNLOAD folder. It is called ” I am who God says I am.” This is imperative for all people. If you don’t know Jesus as your best friend or you have issues like depression this document is key to your freedom and a starting point to being loved in Heaven. All 75 plus items in the folder are free downloads by left clicking on them. Adapt them for your ministry.