Private confidential discussions are possible leading to inner healing, physical healing, and deliverance from demonic beings.

Mutually agreeable times and places are available Monday through Saturday.

Questions about qualifications: Download all of the items in the DOWNLOAD folder and read/study all of them.

Christian Bible Numbers 6:22-27 Aaron’s blessing in Hebrew

God told Moses to tell Aaron to bless the people every day. Aaron spoke the blessing in Hebrew. We read it in our language which has much less understanding than the Hebrew. The website has detailed meaning of the original Hebrew words and the prayer is also spoken in the original Hebrew. See the DOWNLOAD folder for a handout that can be shared with everybody. It is saved as: God’s Blessing Handout Aaronic Blessing paraphrase

DOWNLOAD folder at the top of this screen update 7.14.2018

The most important part of this site is the Download folder at the top of this screen. In the drop down DOWNLOAD folder are sixty works to teach and encourage all people.  Look at the titles and be amazed, especially after viewing each one. They are all free and can be used for any good purpose. No item may be sold except perhaps for the cost of photo copying.  Updated two items today. Read the prayers of Smith Wigglesworth. Listed the words he spoke and then God healed people.

Inner healing and Courts of Heaven.

Instead of formally taking the four courses on Inner Healing at Global Awakening I decided to buy the texts for the courses at their book store and read/study them. I needed a less stressful time after taking 5 courses in a row – Physical healing one and Deliverance 1, 2, 3, 4. I also learned of Robert Henderson’s two books on Courts of Heaven. They are a game changer and next to the Bible they are a must read asap. Around 100 healings and miracles thanks to Jesus.

reprogram renew my mind long list

There is a one page list in the download folder. It is good and I like it. This is seven pages and I like it more. There are too many people who are depressed, have autoimmune diseases, sickness, and other diseases. If a reputable doctor told you to take a medicine, you probably would. God is more reputable. Take His medicine as directed on the seven page download and be amazed.