Inner healing and Courts of Heaven.

Instead of formally taking the four courses on Inner Healing at Global Awakening I decided to buy the texts for the courses at their book store and read/study them. I needed a less stressful time after taking 5 courses in a row – Physical healing one and Deliverance 1, 2, 3, 4. I also learned of Robert Henderson’s two books on Courts of Heaven. They are a game changer and next to the Bible they are a must read asap. Around 100 healings and miracles thanks to Jesus.

reprogram renew my mind long list

There is a one page list in the download folder. It is good and I like it. This is seven pages and I like it more. There are too many people who are depressed, have autoimmune diseases, sickness, and other diseases. If a reputable doctor told you to take a medicine, you probably would. God is more reputable. Take His medicine as directed on the seven page download and be amazed.

Deliverance texts – recommended

Finished the fourth and last deliverance class at Global Awakening in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. on December 11, 2016.  The nine texts that we read are filled with foundational information and are mostly easy  reads. If you know little or nothing about how to get rid of demons these come highly recommended by me. The list is in the download folder. I purchased the books from the book store at Global Awakening, which I have provided the links. Most likely Amazon will sell some of them also.

Prayer of blessing

Prayer of blessing

In the name of Jesus Christ I declare and decree honesty, integrity, caring for all people, compassion for the souls of all people, and the rising up of all people to thrive in all areas of their lives into the hearts, minds, and emotions of the following families:

Rothschild, Bush, Gates, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Buffett, Soros, Warburg, Oppenheimer, the English Royal family.

This prayer is in the DOWNLOAD folder. What will God do if we all prayed this prayer?

See video and written testimonies of healings

CHARIS HEALING SCHOOL, Streaming live, Every Thursday at 1 P.M. MST Moutain Standard Time – USA

Go to

Viewed three of their conferences online (2015) and been to three live (2015 Life Church Harrisburg, 2015 and 2016 Global headquarters Mechanicsburg, PA). It is real.

I’ve prayed and seen instantaneous healings/miracles. See my testimonies in the DOWNLOAD folder.

At Global Awakening events I have seen hundreds of healings. Conservatively, over four hundred.

I have finished the online courses: Physical Healing One and all of the four Deliverance courses.  Each is eight weeks long. Semester one included watching 13 video testimonies. Each are about one hour. To see what God has done through people is amazing. I have never been so excited considering the healings and miracles in my testimony list. My testimonies can be downloaded to your computer – to encourage others that we can all do this – for free by going to the DOWNLOAD folder at the top of the page.