Speak to your mountain not about your mountain.

Highly recommend the pamphlet by Dr. Norvel Hayes called Confession Brings Possession. About $2.00 at Amazon.com.

Quick read and gets right to the point of what God said to get rid of the evils in our lives.

I put together a four page work at size 16. It includes a form where all can put in their personal mountains – problems and cast them into the sea.

It is in the DOWNLOAD folder at the top of the screen. See Healing, Confesssion Brings Possession by Norvel Hayes in the drop down menu. It is all free.

Now two links to Peace freedom joy blessed forever slide show

Link one: dropbox.com    Link two: OneDrive.com

Front page of my local newspaper today is a story of a very successful high school coach who resigned because of depression. Would be very helpful to view this slide show and the other items in the DOWNLOAD folder at the top of the screen. God’s medicine could be the simple free method for the best/blessed life.

Prayer for restful sleep

The Promise of Sweet Sleep

Written by Dr. Mike Hutchings in the October 2015 Newsletter of Global Awakening.
Mike is the director of the Global School of Supernatural Ministry, and the Global Certification Programs (Christian Healing Certification Program and Christian Prophetic Certification Program).
I have had the privilege over the last two plus years to see God move in wonderful healing power to those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through a Healing Prayer Model that was developed through the leading of the Holy Spirit and with assistance from professionals who have worked with those with PTSD. One of the primary symptoms of PTSD is the inability to sleep for long periods of time, and also to have sleep patterns disrupted by nightmares, night terrors, tremors, “night sweats”, and anxiety attacks brought on by flashbacks of traumatic experiences. As I pray for someone who has these symptoms, I declare to them the promise of the Father from Proverbs 3:24–26 which states:

When you lie down, you will not be afraid;
Yes, you will lie down, your sleep will be sweet.
Do not be afraid of sudden terror,
Nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes;
For the Lord will be your confidence,

It is exciting the next day after receiving prayer that these folks come to me to testify that they slept the entire night with no disturbance but in complete peace. This is a primary indication that they have received healing for their PTSD. You don’t have to suffer with PTSD to deal with sleepless nights and interruption of sleep cycles by nightmare and attacks from the evil one who seeks to take you out of the place of peace. This promise from Proverbs declares to every one of the Father’s children that part of our inheritance from Him is that we can experience sweet sleep, not just restful sleep. My prayer for you as you read this today is that you will receive this promise for your life, and receive the blessing of sweet sleep!

Goals made on 8.13.2015 and what happen on 8.26

Goals 8.13.2015

Share the Good News of Jesus Christ with

  • Gang members
  • Drug dealers
  • Prostitutes
  • Street people
  • People in prisons
  • Pimps
  • People on the street


  • Have such an anointing of God upon all of the people that 90 % of the prisons in the United States are closed before 2020.
  • What God did. On Wednesday, 8.26, 2015, and succeeding Wednesdays, I met inmates in a local correctional facility from 9:00 to 10:30 A.M. Sharing Prayer and the almost too good to be true news of Jesus. Exciting times.

Getting rid of unwanted voices in my head/brain. Detailed model.

Learn how to cast out demons in a very step by step detailed model.

Learn about this at http://www.cwgministries.org

God does talk to me on a subconscious level. I hear Him in my brain.

  1. Be in as quiet a location as possible.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Ask God a question or say, God teach me/talk to me.
  4. Be quiet and listen for a positive voice. Be patient. If you have never done this, just think how patient God has been. A negative voice/condemning voice would be an evil force/demon.

We are letting the foul spirits off easy. A bad thing to let happen – the condition of the World proves it.

Jesus said that we can and should cast out demons. He gave us the authority.  We can speak aloud into the spirit world and cast the demons into the sea. Read the book Privileges Of The King for the Bible verses that tell us that. See the DOWNLOAD FOLDER at the top of this screen. Download to your computer for free.

All the time and everywhere we are we can be casting the demons out into the sea.

Consider this model:      In the name of Jesus the Christ, The Son of God, in His authority and power, and by His shed blood, foul spirits you are cast out of (list specific location or person(s) ….etc.) into the sea 5 miles from the shore of Antarctica). Stay in that location until Jesus returns and casts you into the lake of fire.

Let us create havoc in the evil spirit world and do what God has told us to do.

But then do more – bless the people with the love of Jesus and The Holy Spirit. God loves all people. Authorize Jesus to enter the people and make them part of His kingdom.

Consider this model: Jesus I authorize you to reveal yourself to all of the people in the Gaza Strip and all of the ISIS fighters. As you revealed yourself to Saul on the Damascus road, so reveal yourself to all of these children of yours that you do want in your kingdom. I bless all of these people with the Good News of Jesus, peace, mercy, and Grace.