CHARIS HEALING SCHOOL, Streaming live, Every Thursday at 1 P.M. MST Moutain Standard Time – USA

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Viewed three of their conferences online (2015) and been to three live (2015 Life Church Harrisburg, 2015 and 2016 Global headquarters Mechanicsburg, PA). It is real.

I’ve prayed and seen instantaneous healings/miracles. See my testimonies in the DOWNLOAD folder.

At Global Awakening events I have seen hundreds of healings. Conservatively, over four hundred.

I have finished the online courses: Physical Healing One and all of the four Deliverance courses.  Each is eight weeks long. Semester one included watching 13 video testimonies. Each are about one hour. To see what God has done through people is amazing. I have never been so excited considering the healings and miracles in my testimony list. My testimonies can be downloaded to your computer – to encourage others that we can all do this – for free by going to the DOWNLOAD folder at the top of the page.